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NEW JOURNAL FOR A NEW LIFE [30 May 2005|02:10pm]
My new journal is : sunbeam_sleeper . ADD ME PLZ!!!!
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GRADUATION PARTY DAY [29 May 2005|09:37am]
HEY !!! Is anyone going to Katelyn/Dan's Graduation party and can hook me up with a ride/ info about time and place cause I lost the invitation.

ALSO , is anyone going to Jon Conti-Vok's graduation party as well as Katelyn/Dan's? His starts at 2 and ends at 7.

I don't know what to wear for this stuff and then Bobby's graduation party is at 5 tonight and I said i would be there. I don't know anyone sides conor who knows the way there. So i guess I have to be home by 4:30 , so i can call Bob and ask for a ride (he told me he could give me one). So that's the situation.
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Wood Plastic....Fantastic! [28 May 2005|12:28am]
I see conor already did a brillant pic spam, and I don't want to bother you with more of the same , but you can check out those pics and more on my spookiek photobucket the password should be ireland... i could post the link, but ....... no, i much rather give out my password and yea...

MORe ABOUT MY EPIC NIGHT LATER!!! (maybe in poem form if you are lucky)
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Life's A Garden, Dig it~! [27 May 2005|04:37pm]
Let's see I am going to pull a conor and just make a list, comment if elaboration is desired :

1. Bob getting really loud "while we were getting romantic"
2. An all too famliar soreness
3. Star Wars poster drum circle
4. Wiffle Ball game
5. Awards Ceremony
a. Got a President's Education award (like everyone else)
b. A MD Delegate Scholarship go me!
6. Double T Dinner meeting Chung and big posse-ifying
7. Graduation Practice/Yearbook getting extrvaganza, The yearbook's are fantastic!
8. Getting more signatures then ever before in my yearbook.
9. Getting an ellipsis and being proud, yet horribly shocked at the favouritism.
10. Job hunting of epic.
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[24 May 2005|07:09pm]
[ mood | excited ]

stuff is under the cutCollapse )

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The Last Waltz of the pic spam [24 May 2005|01:20am]
though your soul can't be bought your mind can wanderCollapse )
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CHS PROMY PROM PROM IN YOUR MOM [24 May 2005|12:44am]
the action you take only makes you smallCollapse )
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CHS PROM aka THE BEST PROM EVER PIC SPAM pt.1 [24 May 2005|12:17am]
I will keep uploading the rest of the 74 pics into photobucket late into the night/early morning but for now here's what I got...feel free to photoshop these guys :

wAiT There's a crack rock at the end of this pic spam??Collapse )
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She is gone but the joke is the same...but isn't she PRETTY IN PINK? [23 May 2005|06:53pm]
You have already see enough about prom from Kait and Carmen......but :

C-ville Prom the E true Hollywood StoryCollapse )

What happened when you were prob. sleepingCollapse )

What happens when you go home with Carmen and BobCollapse )


ANYONE INTERESTED IN ROMANCE NOVEL WRITING CONTESTS I MADE AN Lj community to post bits in over the summer.



ttyl holmes
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PROM PLANNING ... LAST UPDATE [21 May 2005|01:08pm]
SO far as I know here is the situation :

For M&S Grill

Sarah and Becky are riding with Martha and Mike in Martha's Mom's Car
Brandon is driving Carmen
Bob is driving me

For After Prom

Sarah,Becky,Martha,Mike, Kate and Tim are all riding in Martha's mom's car

Brandon is driving Carmen

Bob and I are first going to Towson to meet up with Jon (so Bob won't get bored at the party) and then us three are going up to Martha's house together

Katelyn and Casey may also make an appearence.

I will have a giant packet of all sorts of MapQuest directions to and from each place if anyone will need them.

If anything has changed with this please call me or if I am not home yet, leave a message and I will get back to you.
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For All Those Solo Drivers from the Stadium to the AfterProm House [21 May 2005|10:28am]
1: Start out going NORTH on RUSSELL ST toward W HAMBURG ST. <0.1 miles Map

2: Take the I-395 S ramp toward MD-295/I-95. 0.2 miles Map

3: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ramp. 0.1 miles Map

4: Merge onto I-395 S. 0.2 miles Map

5: Merge onto I-95 N toward NEW YORK (Portions toll). 24.4 miles Map

6: Merge onto MD-24 N via EXIT 77B toward BEL AIR. 8.2 miles Map

7: MD-24 N becomes US-1 N. 4.8 miles Map

8: Turn LEFT onto KALMIA RD. 0.5 miles Map

9: Turn RIGHT onto SANDY HOOK RD. 0.7 miles Map

10: End at 3012 Sandy Hook Rd
Bel Air, MD 21015-1016, US Map

Total Est. Time: 48 minutes Total Est. Distance: 39.73 miles
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WAIT .......... I GOT THE ADDRESS WRONG [21 May 2005|10:18am]
Its actually

3012 Sandyhook Road
Bel Air
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SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER ! [20 May 2005|10:49pm]
even though i have my cap and gown in hand, i still don't feel the buzz or that I am done.

I had a great time driving to Chiptole today with Carmen, we really talked about things, to the extent of poor carmen getting a sore throat.

I ate a human baby burrito and Carmen got her tacos. Fantastic! and so far no negative after effects for either of us. Brillant!

Then we went back to my house to eat chocolate ice cream and watch Sex and the City. Then Conor came over , more Sex and the City and some Six Feet Under *they really have to see the first season first* . Then we went with Carmen's brandon to Columbia Mall to get some stuff for prom. Then we ate some food and watched the GI Joe videos then we went on a quest for the address to Martha's Aunt's house (see last post).

All in All a great day ooo BTW Chris Freeland poetry reading was Q!!
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FINALLY The Address [20 May 2005|10:44pm]
3012 Sandybrook Road

BEL (i don't know why thats there it just is)

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Silent Sigh [19 May 2005|11:41pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I watched this French movie called "The Chorus" today hooray netflicks. It was like Dead Poet Society and Amelie...it was like a fairy tale sort of... I just loved it. Totally lovely, adds an extra level to a cliche theme. Then again I am just a sick freak who likes choir boy singing music a little too much. In fact I am going to watch it again.

I don't know how I feel about the last day of school thing. I am just excited. It hasn't really hit me that I will loose people cause I know I will hang out with people over the summer.Its hard for me to feel. I think I am naturally hardhearted or something... I don't know what it is.

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PROM [19 May 2005|07:53pm]
Schedule For Prom

Meet At Kelly’s House at 6:30

Martha’s Mother/Aunt will pick people up, putting after prom stuff in the trunk of her car

Get driven to M&S Grill 1006 Harborplace, 201 E. Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland , which is two miles from M&T bank stadium BE THERE BY 7:30

If we think its too far to walk, we can call Martha’s mom/aunt who has offered to chauffer us around and she can drive us to M&T bank stadium.

After M&T Bank we can get a ride from the stadium to Martha’s Aunt’s House.

For those who prefer to drive themselves :

Meet at Kelly’s House at 6:30

Drive to M&S Grill, be there by 7:30, park where you can.

Drive to M&T bank and park in the parking lot.

After Prom, drive to Martha’s Aunt’s house (we will get directions at a later date)
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Quizzes from carmen, kate and conor [18 May 2005|07:55pm]
quizzes guyCollapse )
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ENFJ ........F...REALLY??? how odd. [17 May 2005|10:23pm]
Then I took another personality test and got ENFJ. I think it is a whole nother test.

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[17 May 2005|10:06pm]
ESTP - "Promotor". Action! When present, things begin to happen. Fiercely competitive. Entrepreneur. Often uses shock effect to get attention. Negotiator par excellence. 4.3% of total population.
Take Free Jung Personality Test
personality tests by similarminds.com
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Quote of the Day [17 May 2005|06:53pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons."
T. S. Eliot

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